ProLong – Grease Devil

Grease Devil is a super concentrated all purpose power cleaner. Grease Devil may be diluted up to 100 times with cold water for general purpose cleaning or used concentrated for stubborn grease or dirt.

Use Grease Devil in the home, office or factory to lift and remove grease, grime, oil, grit, ink, coffee, wet paint, rubber marks, mud and dirt from ceramics, clay tiles, vinyl floors, corrugated iron, metal, copper, chrome, mag wheels, baths, grills, plastic, concrete, timber, enamel, fabric, glass, etc.

Grease Devil replaces the need to use most general purpose cleaners that have toxic chemicals as active ingredients. It is a general purpose cleaner, tile cleaner, engine cleaner, dustbin degreaser, floor cleaner, window cleaner, white board cleaner, work top spray and wipe and braai degreaser. It is easy to use, non toxic, biodegradable, ammonia free, solvent free and environmentally friendly.

Size: 750ml, 1lt, 5lt and 25lt