DuraSan – Hand Sanitizer

DuraSan is ready-to-use hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizers containing 75% v/v alcohol have proved to be highly effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, yeast, fungi and viruses.

INTENDED USES: The proper use of DuraSan hand sanitizer (applying every 2-4 hours) protects against self and/or cross contamination of bacteria in- between regular hand washings. DurSan significantly reduces
bacterial pathogens that cause disease on contact.

FEATURES: DuraSan can be used in the following areas:

• HOSPITALS AND CLINICS: Reduces the risk of hands being vectors for pathogenic organisms, lowering chances of hospital-acquired infections.

• FOOD INDUSTRY: Reduces the risk of food poisoning as hand no longer spread harmful bacteria. Food poisoning has potential where any food is repeatedly handled by hand e.g. fast food outlets, restaurants, homes, hotels etc.

• WORKERS IN GENERAL: Anywhere workers are required to practice basic hygiene e.g. dairy farms, child care centres, dog parlours, S.P.C.A.’s, cleaners, sewerage works etc.

Size: 750ml, 5lt, 25lt and 1000lt mini bins.


DuraSan TDS
DuraSan SDS