Dura Industrial – H₂ydrO Paint over Rust

Hydro Paint over Rust is a Direct-To-Metal (DTM), 2 in1 rust converter and primer, which preserves, protects and conditions rusted steel. Hydro Paint over Rust is a water-based, cross-linking, adhesion promoted, high quality, pure acrylic coating which converts rust to a primed, paintable surface on corroded iron and steel. Hydro Paint over Rust incorporates the latest generation technology in pure acrylic, adhesion promoted binders and corrosion inhibiters. Hydro Paint over Rust has been specifically developed for use by fabrication shops, refurbishers, home renovators, contractors, industrial repairers and the DIY professional.

Hydro Paint over Rust is a Direct-To-Metal (DTM), high performance water-based coating, developed for rusted and corroded steel applications. For roofs, gates, fences, carports, burglar bars and structural steel. Hydro Paint over Rust can also be used on suitably prepared galvanised iron and aluminium. Ideal for hard to reach areas. It converts rust and primes in one easy application. Suitable for interior and exterior use.

Product Information

Packs:  1lt, 5lt
Colours: Deep Red


Hydro-Paint-over-Rust Technical Pack