Lifestyle Colours – Application Tips

12 Top tips for riveting results

Tip no. 1:

When applying cementitious coatings onto raw cement, make sure that the cement surface remains damp at all times.

Tip no. 2:

Always stir (agitate) paint or plaster at regular intervals, i.e. every 15 minutes.

Tip no. 3:

When painting, always allow the first coat to dry properly before applying the second coat.

Tip no. 4:

Always evaluate the substrate before painting or applying trowel coats to ensure successful application. 90% of product failure is caused by bad preparation of surfaces.

Tip no. 5:

Your finishing coat is only as good as your undercoat.

Tip no. 6:

Keep your palette neutral and accentuate with colour.

Tip no. 7:

When applying cement paint work from one corner to the next non stop to avoid dry edges and patch marks.

Tip no. 8:

All enamel painted surfaces must be primed with a universal undercoat before applying water based paint.

Tip no. 9:

All new brushes should be washed in warm water before use to avoid the hair from falling out.

Tip no. 10:

All new rollers should be washed before application to prolong roller life.

Tip no. 11:

Make sure you use the correct roller for the correct paint application.

Tip no. 12:

Colours on the website or colour charts may vary slightly, make use of either sample pods available at the franchise stores or paint out by the franchise stores before making your final choice.