ProLong – Roof Proof

Roof Proof is an easy to use acrylic general purpose waterproof compound used in conjunction with a woven membrane for waterproofing tiled, metal and timber pitched roofs.

Roof Proof is a quality product and is ideal for waterproofing flashings, roof ridges, parapet walls, roof bolts, metal roof overlaps and similar pitched roof details.

Roof Proof has excellent weatherproof properties ensuring a long lasting finish.

Roof Proof is available in kit with a 200mm x 10m membrane.

Colours: Black, Grey, Green, Terracotta, Red and White
Size: 1lt kit and 5lt kit


ProLong-Roof- Proof-Kits-Grey-White-SDS
ProLong-Roof- Proof-Kits-Red-SDS
ProLong-Roof- Proof-Kits-Terracotta-Green-Black-SDS