ProLong – Tub & Shower


• Tub & Shower is a specially formulated high quality, flexible,
water-based, low odour, waterproof, and mildew resistant
• Tub & Shower is particularly suitable for sanitary-ware
applications and in areas of high humidity.
• Tub & Shower is easy to apply and can be used around baths,
tubs, basins, showers, shower doors, granite joints, kitchen
tops, sinks, toilets, porcelain and metal fixtures, fiberglass tiles,
glass and similar areas.
• Tub & Shower resists cracking, crumbling and shrinkage and is
suitable for interior and exterior use.
• Tub & Shower exhibits excellent adhesion to many non-porous
materials and can be applied to vertical surfaces.
• Once dry, Tub & Shower may be painted.
• Not suitable for mirrors and fish tanks.

COLOUR: White, Crystal Clear
SIZE: 310ml
CURING TIME: ± 24 hours