ProLong – Timber-Fill

Timber-Fill is an all-purpose, ready mixed interior and exterior wood filler that dries into a tough flexible finish.

Timber-Fill is suitable for filling work on doors, window frames, skirting boards, particle board, garden furniture, interior furniture and just about all other wood filling applications.

It is easy to use, sands to a glass smooth finish, and may be left untreated, stained, varnished or painted.

Timber-Fill has excellent adhesion to steel, metal, concrete and wood.

Timber-Fill’s excellent adhesion makes it ideal for plugging loose screws with damaged threads. Simply fill the hole with Timber-Fill and push screw into wet Timber-Fill and allow to dry.

It is very fine and may be used either as a filling compound, stopping compound or grain skimming compound.

Colours: Pine, Imbuia, Sapele, Meranti, Oregon and White
Size: 150ml