Lifestyle Colours – Distemper and Antiquing

  • Distemper is an exclusively interior application and must be applied to primed or previously painted surfaces.
  • The Antiquing liquid must be applied over the Distemper to achieve the Old Stained look.
  • Distemper is not washable unless you apply the Antiquing Liquid.
  • While Distemper is a two-coat application, Antiquing Liquid can be used as either a single or two-coat application.
  • Distemper is not suitable for rough plastered surfaces, but it can be applied to wood and finished with Antiquing Liquid to achieve an aged look.
  • It should be applied with an Academy Sheepskin Roller a 125 mm brush and a Block brush for the antiquing liquid.

Pack sizes: 5lt and 20lt


Distemper and Antiquing Data Sheet