Dura Industrial – H₂ydrO Dip – Water Based Coating

A cross-linking, low odour, water based dipping coating. It is recommended for dipping de-greased steel. Hydro Dip is water-based, non- flammable and lead free.

A high performance water- based coating for industrial steel dipping applications that replaces and outperforms solvent based coatings such as QD Red Oxide. Hydro Dip incorporates latest generation technology in pure acrylic, adhesion promoted, non-yellowing, UV stable binders.

Hydro Dip has been specifically developed for use by scaffolding companies, structural steel fabricators and fencing/ palisade manufacturers, who operate dip tanks. A high quality alternative to solvent- based alkyds. Water based, low odour, lead free, non-flammable and UV stable. Hydro Dip has twice the volume solids of most solvent based dipping primers.

Packs: 200lt
Colours: Black, Grey, Red