Dura Industrial – H₂ydrO Finish – Water Based Top Coat

Hydro Finish is a cross-linking, low odour, water based gloss top coat. It is recommended as a high quality gloss, UV resistant coating, for application to primed steel surfaces. Water based, low odour, lead free, non-flammable and UV stable.

A high performance water based coating for industrial steel applications that replaces and outperforms solvent based coatings such as QD Enamels, Air Drying Enamels and other alkyds. Hydro Finish incorporates latest generation technology in pure acrylic, adhesion promoted, non-yellowing, UV stable binders. Only light fast pigments are used in the tinting of colours.

Hydro Finish has been specifically developed for use by fabrication shops, structural steel fabricators, shipping container manufacturers/converters and palisade fencing manufactures as well as for cranes, earth moving and mining equipment. A high quality alternative to solvent based alkyds.

Also suitable for application over existing, suitably prepared, alkyd coatings (QD Enamels, AD Enamels, short, long and medium oil alkyds).

A quality alternative to solvent based coatings.

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Colours: Various


Hydro Technical Pack