ProLong – Multi-Bond


• Multi Bond is a high strength, low odour, versatile, water based,
multi-purpose adhesive which reduces the need for mechanical
fasteners such as nails and screws.
• Multi Bond is an easy to use, multi-purpose adhesive used to
mount partitioning, timber boards, ceilings, cornices, skirting
boards, timber decks, decorative mouldings, bathroom fixtures
and metal objects to timber and concrete.
• Multi Bond adheres to plywood, polystyrene, polyurethane,
foam board, plaster board, most ceramics, wall plaster and
numerous other construction materials.
• Multi Bond is ideal for all new building, home décor,
maintenance and wood work.
• Multi Bond is formulated to resist sagging and slumping and
forms an effective long lasting seal that bridges gaps between
• Multi Bond is suitable for interior and exterior applications.
• Not suitable for fixing mirrors or for use in fish tanks.
• Not recommended for permanent water immersion or use in
wet areas.
• Requires at least one porous surface.

COLOUR: Semi Clear
SIZE: 310ml
CURING TIME: ± 24 hours