Lifestyle Colours – Cement Naturals Paint

Lifestyle cement paint is a durable pigmented cementitious paint requiring only the addition of clean drinking water. Based on Portland cement, it contains both weather, ultra violet resistant chemicals and self-curing properties.

Painting directly onto block brick or similar walls. To provide a durable economic water resistant coating direct onto block brick or similar walls eliminating the need for plastering. Lifestyle Cement Paint can also be painted onto acrylic painted surfaces.

Painting onto external plaster surfaces. Although Lifestyle Cement Paint is self curing, it is recommended that to achieve a fast hard finish especially externally in hot dry conditions, the painted surface should be wet down three times during the day after application. This will also help achieve an aged weathered look sooner.

  • Is primarily used as an exterior application on raw plaster work.
  • Can be applied onto previously painted surfaces, with the exception of enamel paint.
  • Can be applied directly onto raw brick work.
  • Is unique, thanks to its self-curing properties.
  • Can be used as interior paint on feature walls.
  • Cannot be patched.
  • Cement Paint will leave you will a beautiful finish that will age and mottle with time and give rise to efflorescence if exposed to rain.
  • Should be applied with an Academy Whitewash Brush.

Pack size: 25kg

Colours: Various

Data Sheets

Cement Paint Data Sheet